Toyota IST 2004 Silver
Toyota IST 2004 Silver
Good day everyone!
I don’t know if my review will help anyone or not, but I will try to be objective. In the spring of 2007, my wife and daughter got their license and, naturally, immediately wanted to drive a car. We had a 1998 Toyota Corona Premio at the time. The car seemed a bit too long for my daughter. learned to ride a “trinashka” (it seems that the name of the updated “eight”). But, in general, the machine was much more interesting to them after the mechanics. Having traveled the summer, feeling like full-fledged drivers, they wanted their own car, even one for two. In August, I started selecting a car. My wife and daughter agreed on Vitz, but I wanted to find something that would, if necessary, drive this car myself. And so the choice fell on a 2004 Toyota Platz (with restyled optics) of white color, a 1-liter engine (they will have enough, do not participate in races), with mechanical windows (well, let it be, but the year is fresh) and, of course, with an AUTOMATOR. The car was in Novosibirsk, and it was already registered, but by my arrival the owner promised to remove it from the register. Arriving there and phoning the owner, it turned out that for some reason the computers in the traffic police “hang”, and he could not remove it from the register. I called my friend – the information about the traffic police was confirmed. I didn’t want to take the car by proxy and then go to Novosib again. I had to collect all the reserves and stash. As a result, I became the owner of a silver Toyota Ist 2004, a 1300 cc engine. cm, automatic, no run across Russia. The happiness of my relatives was not there
First of all, we installed an alarm with feedback and autostart, toned the backside (as expected), installed the adapter on the radio. Toyota IST 2004 Silver
What I liked about the car: small size (very nimble compared to all my previous cars), frisky (I don’t know, someone lacks an engine of 87 horses, give me a half), rigid suspension, it takes our bumps with a bang. The salon, as they say, is larger inside than outside, probably due to the high seating position. I drove five adults, three of whom were over 90 kg, normally, but only on a good road. But this is already extreme, the car is designed for three or four people (carrying capacity of 275 kg is four Japanese people, 68 kg each). There are no miracles. What I disliked: Very stiff, with a short base of 2370 mm, fast driving on an uneven road resembles a horse ride.
Changing tires for winter, I decided to put more than recommended by the manufacturer. Instead of the standard 185/65 R15, I put a 195/65 R15 Cordiant studded. For three winters, the rubber has not lost a single spike and it seems almost not worn out. Only infection is buzzing! Oversized wheels do not cling anywhere. In theory, the car should accelerate slightly worse, but for me this is not essential. The next summer I bought a new Nokian I3 of the same size (the tires I used to buy the car had to be thrown out when changing shoes in the winter. The tires are 1 cm wider than the standard ones and 6.5 mm higher than the radius. I think that the ride should be more comfortable. slightly slower acceleration and a little more (possibly) fuel consumption is not essential for me.
Fuel consumption: the 92nd was refueled only at Sibneft. with a bank card at a discount. Once in the summer in the morning I went to Kemerovo, in the afternoon I wandered around the city and in the evening to Osinniki. Average fuel consumption was approximately 5.3 liters per 100 km. I drove 110-120 km / h along the Leninsky section of the highway, in other sections and in the city almost according to the rules. In winter, with all the warm-ups, it fit into the top ten. I carried out such measurements only in the first year of operation, in the future it was no longer interesting.
I only pour oil on Castrol 5W-40 synthetics (not because it’s cool, but because I got it in Metro at a sale). Synthetics because the maximum mileage in the first year is 15,000 km, in the next 10-12, i.e. there is no point in changing for the season. For VVT-i engines, Toyota recommends 5W-30 oil, i.e. hot, thinner than 40. But nevertheless, neither oil consumption, nor any other shortcomings have been identified.
After the first winter, I changed both rear shock absorbers at a price of about 1100 rubles. In the future, the suspension did not annoy or disturb anything. In the winter of 2009-2010, the generator belt began to whistle with all consumers turned on, it was tightened. But this winter he could not stand it and was changed to a new one. Fortunately, spare parts for Toyota are not expensive, something around 400 rubles.
Conclusion: a car is not very suitable for the role of a family car, on which a family of 4-5 people with belongings should drive to the country. For driving around the city, transporting yourself a loved one is an ideal option. The car will delight you with low gas mileage and low operating costs. So we did it: when I went alone, when there was one daughter, and when we took my mother to work. We have a bigger car, but also a Toyota, to go to the country house, to the countryside, to transport some large purchases. (This is not an advertisement!).
I agree with almost all the comments. In practice, a change (improvement) of any one parameter entails a change (deterioration) of another. The large turning radius, due to the large wheels, is compensated by the short vehicle length. The large wheel size (the same size seen on the MarkII 2002-2003) adds comfort on uneven roads, decent ground clearance with low body overhangs. An increase in the wheelbase would add comfort when driving on the highway, but would worsen the cross-country ability …
A long time ago, I almost bought myself one, at that time there was not enough money for it – I bought a demio.
Racks for 1100, timing belt for 400 – the prices were pleasantly surprised, comparable in price to VAZs.
great car. just SUPER. I think about changing mine. But now Japanese women buy warfare. VERY pleased with the expense. I have about 15 liters. Good luck to the author.

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