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“I do believe in the use of gender and gender identity to understand one another – the way that they relate to life can be a great motivator for creating change – but at the same time also an obstacle to good relationships.”

– Michelle

“It’s easy to feel ashamed about a particular social group’s gender identity.

“It can cause a sense of fear to those with gender dysphoria, as well as to those whose dysphoria can be ‘hardwired’ into their bodies.”

– Helen

“If we’d been more able to understand another person’s gender in an active, healthy and compassionate manner, and a person didn’t know exactly which gender they were assigned, we wouldn’t have had to take all of our efforts to find other ways to change people’s minds (which aren’t mutually exclusive).”

– John O’Brien

“Gender dysphoria (and gender reassignment) are so easily cured in young individuals. This, combined with the idea that social class and physical traits can be fixed, will make some sort of difference.”

– Stephanie

“It will make people feel better about their gender more easily and feel more fulfilled, and will help them understand how to accept and care for their gender selves.”

– David

“I agree with David on gender identity and gender dysphoria: this is an incredibly important question
Tomily, Author at

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