stickeroji: Haha, that’s pretty cool (laughs).

Troy: Yeah. I know about that, but I was really kind of surprised how much work went into it.

Troy: [laughs] Because when it was released, no one really understood what it did. Like the name [shiny-eyed] penguins, but it really changed the whole thing for me. I started getting to understand what I was doing and kind of getting into that world. stickeroji
Troy: [laughs] Yeah, you can tell that I was like “I wonder if it is funny.”

Troy: [laughs] Yeah, it wasn’t like the penguin was on a list! We had no concept of what was about to happen! It was just so beautiful!

Troy: [laughs] It was a very simple show. I never really studied any of the penguin animations but I never really really looked at anything that was interesting. I just just sort of sat all the time in there and played with these things. It was just really simple to watch. [laughs]

Troy: Yeah, I started seeing some animation when I was 12, and I always liked the animations so that’s how I was interested in drawing. It was then kinda something to look at and enjoy. My first instinct was to work there and see what I could achieve. I was really into all things and I thought it was fun

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