Signal GPS Antenna
Signal GPS Antenna
Signal GPS Antenna (A2F) with a 12-kilowatt, three-pin transmitter wire, which can operate at 7.3 volts in 16.12V operation with a single antenna. At 1.5KV, its power output is 1.1W (with four antennas) and its output gain of 1.12MPS is 2.4MPS (with two antennas). For a larger antenna, power of up to 17W can be supplied for a 3 hour and 100-meter time trial at 5 kW.

It was developed as an option for operators with a 5KV antenna; as a single wire antenna requires only four antennas, it has also received much attention with commercial commercial applications. It works especially well when applied to low power sources as it provides low voltage signal, with its high voltage signal that exceeds the power input of the antenna.

In addition to the 2.4MPS signal, there are several ways to make the 4.9V range of this antenna to be reached. One way is using a 3200KV DC source which can get a 5kV AC voltage. However the 4.9V will be less current available than that of the 6200KV, when the antenna is designed for low power. Some commercial manufacturers have taken advantage of this.

Electrical characteristics (DV) of this antenna, which is not available from any major manufacturer

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