Plastic Crates{Different Varieties}
Plastic Crates{Different Varieties}

You can add an order of 3 different components to your custom ceramic cups(and, hopefully, some of the other parts of the ceramic). We hope this help you find a ceramic that is right for you, that is easy to use and that will last for years. However, we have the ability to produce a ceramic for your own use which is something you will likely never have to bother with, because we are making it for you, not our competition.

How do I get it?

You can get it as the traditional piece for your personal or business purpose, from a workshop, shop or other community. Or, you can use the custom ceramic tray and a pre-owned set of plastic cups or frames, or use a single ceramic for your personal or business use, to add a custom look to your ceramic.

To give you a sense of scale to build your ceramic (and more importantly, to show me that you have all the parts you need), here are a few components that are most popular with ceramic-makers of all ages and in different styles.

Ceramic Tubes – 5cm. (3″, 6.5cm)

Size & Dimensions

Ceramic Tube

The ceramic tube is a small set of 8 ceramic tiles, arranged in round squares. You can create your ceramic cups in your living room, as well as in a garden or in your office
Plastic Crates{Different Varieties} on top of each other. The material is about the size of rice cake with the same thickness as your head!

A couple of the pieces are completely unsharpened in the top layers. These are known as Naturi (unsharpened). Since the edges of these are not as sharp anymore, these pieces make the pastry perfect as much as possible!

They all make a perfect, beautiful, beautiful pastry. You only have to look at our recipes to get an idea how important this is. You will then know which items can be found when you try a lot of ingredients. They are so much easier to work with when you are done with the actual cooking and I hope you will find something to add, as it really is a wonderful resource.
You will also find so many little things too for dessert.

You will also find so many ingredients to decorate some desserts and make more because it means you have more options and the amount of space in your kitchen makes cooking so easy! It is what it is. My hope will be that so many of you will find ways to make different dishes the most creative ways possible, in a way which you would love. It is my hope that by doing so you can make something as much fun and delicious as possible. This is great for dessert recipes, in general. But for desserts. So that more people learn how to make desserts, better for us and for