Picture Frame Gh in Kumasi
Picture Frame Gh in Kumasi
Picture Frame Gh in Kumasi Nairobi) A photo taken on January 2013 (File photo)

A young Indian girl who has become an icon of India’s social media buzz has posted on Instagram to warn others to stay in touch with her.

Farisha Tandon, 21, is a graphic model who often shares her photos of naked and scantily clad ladies at parties and festivals on social media.

While spreading her message on social media, she states ‘thank you all for your support’ and ‘if other people would share my pictures with you, I hope that the social media community will support me and others with more amazing pics.”

‘I hope other people would help me make more beautiful photos on instagram,’ she says on her Tumblr page.

Though she has a large following, she says, ‘I only want to know where my friends are, whether their girlfriends are in Bangalore etc…’

Farisha shares her secret account on Tumblr. She posted this picture on January 1, three months after her first Instagram pictures went viral:

Farisha has also posted on Instagram as her ‘little friend’, stating: “I’m getting some messages from people all over the world. The worst thing is that we don’t talk about it.”

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