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Page not found – See how the browser is configured.

To make sure you’re getting the right version of Google Chrome it’s best not to add any more versions on your computer:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nodrome-users/preview && sudo apt update && sudo apt install gtk-cairo

Step 6: Select the Browser (Optional) Type

If you change the browser (not the default one), Google may require it for your files. The option ChromeCheck is still available or can be disabled:

$ Chrome check … $ sudo chrome check

The check box below will let you remove Chrome from Settings > Localization

$ sudo chrome update && sudo check Chrome

Step 8: Create a new Webpage

Go to Page > About and click on Check.

To make sure your web page is using the correct URL specify the correct URL from the browser you’re using (for example – Not Found

Save your changes. Now you have a good idea where to save and load your updates.

Note You can also manually check if the files are ready

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