Operating sewerage treatment
Operating sewerage treatment

On average, a man’s sewerage bill can be estimated using the annual average cost of the three annual basic sewer maintenance programs to produce $3,079 in sewerage that is required annually to maintain a population of 300,000 to 1.5 million people. The cost of sewerage from the three basic programs can vary slightly. As of March 2015, the average annual cost for the three basic programs was $1,097. This price represents one of five items listed on the program’s webpage for each basic program.

Each basic program includes:

The maintenance of the water lines in the system to ensure the sewerage is not leaked into streams, rivers or lakes

The maintenance of wastewater treatment equipment to ensure the pipes are operated safely and sustainably, as well as for water quality monitoring

Public health insurance that covers the costs of building sewer and wastewater treatment equipment
Operating sewerage treatment facilities for private, public, and public-private businesses, including those of the oil and gas industry and the coal industry.

(Sec. 104)(A) Subsection (F) of section 1044(a) of title 45, United States Code, as added by this Act, is amended by striking “under” at the end of subsection (b), as so redesignated.

(B) The following actions may be taken to enhance emergency water treatment facilities from a private sector perspective:– ($1,500,000) to purchase or increase the service capacity of facilities in the following categories:

(i) The Petroleum Engineering Company;

(ii] Petroleum Engineering Corp; (iii) The National Academy of Sciences; (iv) The National College of Marine Science; (v) the National College of Marine Science of the University of Mississippi; (vi) The Bureau of Ocean Energy Administration; (vii) The Institute for Marine Science, Inc.

(viii) The Bureau of Ocean Energy Administration; (ix) the Bureau of Technology and Environmental Conservation; (x) the National Research Council; (xi) the Bureau of Environmental Science and Technology; (xii) the National Research Council of the United States.