Jimmy Choo Bags in Addis Ababa
Jimmy Choo Bags in Addis Ababa

The US Senate on Thursday approved an amendment to the UN resolutions barring the transfer of land in Central Africa, as part of a deal aimed at ending years of instability in the South Africa-Congo region.

In addition, the House of Representatives approved the amendments approved by the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

UN General Assembly votes in favour of resolution

The resolution was introduced as part of the negotiations aimed at reaching a deal on ending the decade-long economic turmoil in the South African-Congo region.

“This action is important to bring about a lasting peace in South Africa, for which the government of the Government of South Africa will bear responsibility and also as a means of promoting justice in the region and a peaceful resolution of the territorial disputes between the two countries,” the Senate said.

“The Government of South Africa plans to use all means available to achieve its goal of stabilizing the South African-Congo region, including land transfer, land reform, land reforms and the use of alternative forms of government,” the Senate said.

“We support the process that has gone on and I want to call attention to the positive development situation that exists,” added the American president, who has a long record of bringing the region stability.