Gold Monster 1000 in
Gold Monster 1000 in
Gold Monster 1000 in the Battlefield DLC Pack will be a unique class that allows you to destroy the boss just like the other monster types.

The boss is named after a legendary Dragon King, the last in Dragon Age: Inquisition before the player acquires the ability to slay the dragon. While not completely finished development, as it’s not planned in an official state, it was planned, as a complete new class, for which the ability will be added later. The final version of that class will not include much of any unique features in Dragon Age: Inquisition at the moment.

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The DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released on February 24, for PC and Xbox One and will take you to several locations via a single online or offline map.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be available for pre-order for PC beginning February 13 for $4.99. This includes the standard retail price; the Premium Edition is also limited on download.

Dragon Age 2 Deluxe Edition is now available for a limited time beginning March 20, while the preplay update contains three levels, starting with Blood Dragon and gaining a legendary weapon when it’s completed.
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