Babies & Kids goods in Ethiopia
Babies & Kids goods in Ethiopia
Different ages have different needs. Therefore, our selection is opened by devices that are suitable for children both from birth and at the age of three.
June 1 is a great occasion to make a gift not only to the child, but also to his parents! Strictly speaking, this category includes things that the child himself cannot use due to his infancy, but they will significantly facilitate the life of his mom and dad. The Philips Avent series includes a variety of gadgets that make childcare much easier and more enjoyable. And happy and not worn out parents – the same: a happy baby.
You can, of course, according to the precepts of grandmothers, grind vegetables through a strainer, boil bottles in a saucepan and jump ten times a night for each squeak from a crib, but why, if there are more reasonable and modern solutions? A steamer-blender will cope with the preparation of baby puree in about half an hour, while standing at the stove and washing a mountain of dishes will not have to. With a sterilizer, you can always be sure of the cleanliness and safety of baby bottles, and with a warmer, heating milk or formula to the desired temperature will no longer be a problem. By the way, there are also children’s dishes in the series, including convenient bottles with a large neck for babies or funny colorful devices for older children – with these, any unwillingness will gobble up porridge by both cheeks!
Young mothers will also appreciate the compact breast pumps, with which you can forget about mastitis and which are convenient to use even when traveling. Or digital baby monitors, with the help of which it is convenient to watch a sleeping baby, go about his business, and even talk to him if he wakes up.
Now it has become fashionable to scold tablets and smartphones: they say, children will bury themselves in them and are no longer interested in anything, they don’t walk in the street, they don’t jump in puddles, and in our time we are oh-ho! We will put it this way: in our time, the trees were taller, the grass was greener, and there were simply no such gadgets. That’s the whole reason. Well, to refuse what progress offers is at least strange. Moreover, modern children’s tablets are suitable not only for watching cartoons!
The package of preinstalled applications usually includes a lot of educational and educational programs that, in an unobtrusive, playful way, will allow the child to master counting, learn the alphabet, learn to distinguish colors, and so on. Agree, this is more useful than licking a swing in the cold on the street (although if your child is not yet – wait, seriously, everyone goes through this). After you peel off the sobbing child from the swing, the same tablet with funny and informative cartoons will help to comfort and distract him.
By the way, thanks to the bright menu and large icons, the tablet can be used with comfort for the eyes. And the cute silicone bumper protects the device from the teeth of a curious toddler (and vice versa). If you are worried that your child spends too much time behind the screen, then using the parental control function, you can easily restrict access to certain applications or adjust the time of their use. This will come in handy when the child grows up, because many children’s models will be interesting between the ages of three and ten.
In general, tablets are not as scary as retrogrades paint them!
Children grow up and their interests change as expected. Instill in them an interest in science and technology, and who knows, maybe you will raise the second Elon Musk!
Laptop Prestigio SmartBook 133S (PSB133S01) Minecraft
Yes, laptops! This is an ideal solution for a child’s room, because the device does not take up much space, but the child will have his own computer from childhood. And again, note that the laptop can be used not only for sitting on social networks, watching videos on YouTube or playing games. For example, did you know that there is a programming language for children?
Scratch is a language specially designed for teaching young and middle-aged schoolchildren. Multi-colored blocks-sprites, from which the program code is built, will make it easy to master the basics of algorithmization. Believe me, when a child can make the computer listen to him or write the first simple game, there will be no limit to his delight! And yours – when he takes first place in the Olympiad in computer science.
Well, so that the computer does not become an obstacle in learning for the future ingenious programmer, you can always use the same parental control or just buy a car with basic characteristics in order to avoid the temptations of gaming. Fortunately, there is enough choice for everyone!
Of course, you can learn programming not only in front of the monitor. The radio-controlled robot is a toy, but what a toy! We bet on our salary that not only your child, but also yourself will be happy to play with it. After all, building your own robot, programming it yourself and making it execute simple commands is priceless. For those with a passion for mechanical design, of course. And whether your baby will have it depends on you.